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By Tara. Personal Training and Remedial Massage was founded in 2011 by Director and Head Coach, Tara.  Offering dedicated Personal Training and Remedial Massage services, By Tara is a full service fitness and lifestyle destination.  Tara is a fully qualified, highly trained professional and comes from a speciality background with a focus on fitness including competition body building.


We are committed to providing all clients with tailored, individual packages to suit their needs.  We work with each client to create a specialised plan to achieve their desired results.  We use the knowledge gained from various ongoing training and professional development courses to enhance the knowledge we provide.  We don't believe in off the shelf, fast fix, cookie cutter solutions.  We believe in proper technique, future proof, solution based training.  We believe in giving you the knowledge and techniques that will bring about life-long change. 

We believe in YOU.


My goal is educating pre & postnatal mums on key points to monitor during both the pregnancy and the postpartum period



Are you after a personalised result for a sport, event, life style revamp or looking to support an injury? Semi private is the full experience from the inside out. Putting your mindset & lifestyle as a priority to build out the path to your goals.



Always wanted to do strength training, feel strong & fit but never felt comfortable?

This is for you.

Structured strength programs built from years of training experience in a small group environment,  supported by Tara & other like-minded girls after the same goals

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"I was blown away by Tara's 

vast knowledge"


Enduro Obstacle Course Racer

"The results are worth working for"

Coach Tara

Coaching since 2011.

Troubleshooting mindset & movement through strength & conditioning.

Also specialising in musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Coaching and encouraging you to push beyond your boundaries to become the person you say you want to be.


Cert III & IV in Fitness

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Pre & postnatal

Mentored by:

Assassin PT -2011

Enterprise Fitness/ Wolfpack -2017

FMA  Strength Institute 2018-19

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By Tara.  
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