Semi Private Personal Training

Are you after a personalised result for a sport, event, life style revamp or looking to support an injury? Semi private is the full experience from the inside out. Putting your mindset & lifestyle as a priority to devise a pathway to meet your goals.


2+ training sessions a week, coaching calls, regular check-ins monitoring progress.

Ongoing accountability, food, lifestyle, mindset & recovery support. What we do is help you make your health and performance a priority through tailored and individualised programming so you can reach your ultimate goals.

Be Strong By Tara

Always wanted to do strength training, feel strong & fit but never felt comfortable?

Be Strong by Tara is for you!!

Structured programs built from years of training experience along side like-minded people supported by myself.

Choose from either “strength” or “fitness” for your programming.

-Strength: Build strength to empower yourself through feeling & being physically stronger within yourself. Perfect if you are wanting to gain muscle “tone” your physique.

-Fitness: For feelings of “I can do anything I put my mind to & look awesome 😉” whether it be in the gym or flaunt it at the next big event. This program is focused on an all round fitness from strength, cardio & recovery.

2+ x strength training sessions per week

-Lifestyle & food consult at the start, including regular accountability check-ins.

Online Coaching

Coaching you from any where in the world, from just a training program in the gym or home to the full online training experience.


Known for our remedial massage which comes in handy after a big week in the gym or on the field for athletes.

We also offer pregnancy & relaxation massages.

Post natal personal training

My goal is educating pre & postnatal mums on key points to monitor during their pregnancy and in the postpartum period.

  • Focusing on building from the inside out.

  • Giving insight on the pelvic floor's role & tools on how to manage abdominal separation.

  • How to activate pelvic floor & transverses abdominus muscles.

  • Anatomy and function of what your amazing body is going through and how we can support this

I believe good knowledge during this time is absolutely key and can effect the rest of your life if things are not addressed

By Tara.  
Personal Training & Remedial Massage


Echuca, Victoria 

0448 577 510

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