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by TARA - cindy power-1-210.jpg

Coach Tara


Tara is your ultimate body transformation specialist.  With a background in competition body building & a Mum of two, she knows how hard it is to get results.


Tara is aware of what it feels like to train with limitations. Following a health scare as the result of a stressful environment, Tara shifted her focus to overall wellbeing.  A change in external factors saw a vast improvement in her diagnosed heart condition, which makes her passionate about a holistic approach to health and fitness.​


Tara is invested in you.  Through her journey, she has taken steps to further her knowledge of the body and nutrition.  She is committed to further developing herself as a coach by working alongside some of the industries most well known professionals.


Tara will be the driving force in your transformation. 

Your mission is her mission.  

Tara will be beside you every step of the way to achieve your goals

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