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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you train clients from? 

Anytime Fitness Echuca for clients over 17 years old. Clients under 17 years old she train's at her home gym. NDIS clients can train from Anytime Fitness or their own home.

What if I haven't trained before?

That's what we are here for. To educate and support you through your new journey. All you need is the commitment and drive. Tara will teach you the tools you will have for a life time of health and safe movement

How will you support my injuries/illness?

Depending on what's going on, we will work together and/or with your allied health specialist to support you to the best of our ability.

How will you know I'm achieving my goal?

We track results a few different ways, but if at the end of the day you are feeling better and in less pain we have achieved positive results!

How long does it take to see results?

Depending on your starting point and commitment, but you should see changes in with a month. Everyone is so different.

Why should massage be included in my recovery?

Massage along with mindfulness is great for your recovery and overall health outcome.


What are the befits of people with disability and older generation training and a regular massage?

(they have aches and pains just like us)

To support strong movement to prevent any falls and to gain confidence's doing every day tasks.

Massage for recovery or to help heal a injury/general pain.




A whole lot in my life has changed since I started training with Tara!
She has not only taught me strengthening and fitness, but also about self love, nutrition habits and how to feel good about life and everything around you. 
The biggest thing for me is I have suffered with pretty severe scoliosis for the last 11 years, which has always affected my day to day activities and work life. Where I would end up on bed rest some days not been able to function.
I had tried everything I could, and would end up at the Chiropractors once a week. 
But since Tara has being in my life, she is like my little magician! She really takes pride and devotion to every client she supports, she has completely strengthened my back, and mobilising every session to the point I can do my day to day activities without feeling pain and headaches everyday. I now only go to appointments once a month for a check up.
With the support from Tara I feel stronger, fit, healthy and active. 
She has changed my life in many ways, and there is so much more to her than just training at the gym. 
She is amazing at what she does and were all very lucky to have a kind soul like Tara as our PT! You are such a knowledgeable and motivating coach! 



After a life changing accident leaving Scott in a wheel chair and needing 24hour support his family seeked Tara's help to support Scott to achieve more independence and mange his pain. Scott has been working with Tara since 2017 and he has achieve some amazing thing's over this time. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 5.54.51 pm.png


Beginning my training with Tara was easily one of the best decisions I made to support my overall health and wellbeing. I began training with Tara as I found myself continually at the gym, yet seeing zero results. I was feeling disheartened and lost with where to go next to make positive changes within my life. From the moment I began, Tara listened to my personal goals and created a program to support this. Within a month I noticed my body beginning to change and respond. I finally enjoyed going to the gym and seeing the progress became and added bonus. Throughout my time with Tara, I not only gained physical strength and lost weight, I also gained a wealth of knowledge about myself. I learnt how to correctly and safely complete moves I never thought possible and gained an understanding of the importance of food, consistency and balance.

Tara is highly skilled and you wont regret training with her. 



A year ago after having my second daughter I was the heaviest I’ve ever been & I was not happy with how I looked. I decided it was time to overhaul my lifestyle and fitness routine. I reached out to Tara. She always puts her clients first with constant changes to my workouts, checking in on how I’m going & also guides me with my food choices. 

Fast-forward to a year later and you can really see the changes, it also shows hard work really pays off.  So far I’ve lost a total of 14kgs since I first weighed in when I had my very first PT session with Tara a year ago but the scales don’t take into account the muscle that I’ve built either. I’ve also lost 12cm from my belly which is a huge difference. 

To any mums out there thinking of doing something for yourself my advice is go for it, good things take time and the results are worth working for! You can’t ask for a better coach to help you and work with you than Tara.




I came to Tara looking for some help.
I was feeling down, feeling bloated and uncomfortable, lacking energy and eating everything that I shouldn’t.
Only weeks into my program with Tara, who is totally amazing, helpful, funny, knowledgeable and supportive, I feel like a different person.
I have so much more energy, feel stronger both mentally and physically and my eating habits have changed for the better, but I still eat what I enjoy eating now and then.
I would recommend Tara to anyone out there who is thinking about doing something for themselves. 
Tara has helped me so much, I feel that I am in a happy place and I feel great.


By Tara. Personal Training - where do I start. I came to her about 6 months ago, nervous and anxious but mostly unhappy with my body and mind. 
Our first chat (consultation) happened I just knew she was exactly what I needed. 
Experiences with any sort of gym were somewhat grim but under Tara’s guidance I am now that girl that actually loves fitness and enjoys the gym. 
She uses all her years of knowledge to teach, guide and transform you. 
The best part is she also gets excited for you and she’ll have a good laugh with (or at you) 😂
Tara is all about her clients and does everything in her power to keep them happy. She checks in, keeps you accountable for your food and is always there to talk to. 
Although I’m still on a mission to see a major physical change since having a baby, I have had a massive change mentally - I am so much happier and healthier in my own mind. 
I am so glad I stumbled across her. 
I may have found a PT and a love for a healthy lifestyle but I also gained a bloody amazing friend.



After a small injury in the middle of moving house I booked a massage appointment with Tara, I found out that the injury was due to a weakness in another muscle and could’ve been prevented. I needed the support to increase my strength after being in a post kids rut for too long (5 year rut 🤭) so I started training with Tara and after only a few months I am feeling so much stronger and back to loving exercise again.

I’ve loved my programs and haven’t had the opportunity to feel bored as they change every four weeks and I’ve learnt so many new exercises at the same time. 

I’ve am very grateful for the whole approach Tara takes to her coaching. She will regularly check in to see how sleep and food has been for the week and keeps you accountable. She is also super organised and always one step ahead which makes life easy as you never have to chase her up. 

It’s been the best decision I have made to get my health back on track. I would highly recommend training with Tara to everyone no matter where your strength and fitness is at, you will be surprised how quickly you can achieve results!



I had been stuck in a gym ‘rut’ for quite a while, with no real direction to my training. I decided to hit Tara up as I’d seen her around and thought she looked super strong (haha). In the few months that I trained with her. I was blown away by her vast knowledge about how and why the human body does what it does and how best to train (or not to train!) each individual based on their needs.
I’ve always been athletic so Tara used weight training to open up a whole new avenue of the gym. Within weeks I was not only feeling strong but was looking strong. Weights no longer scared me and I loved nothing more than having her say to me, “Reckon you could put more on?”.
Seriously, give this crazy motivated, insanely fit and knowledgeable chick a ring to get your power self on!


Elite Athlete Ash:


In 2017 Ash didn't place in any obstacle races, but since training with us from February 2018 
he has placed 1st and 3rd in multiple races.

Also taking out 1st place in his age group in June 2019 in 24 hour Enduro World Championships in Sydney with an outstanding 12 laps = 139.5km. 


Along with breaking his arm in August 2017 just 10 weeks out from his races in London, it’s been one amazing time as an Athlete and also very challenging as a Coach. Not for one second did I doubt us as a team to get him to compete in London. Plenty of experimental exercises trying to find ways to train with one arm sure was interesting. BUT we did it!
I couldn’t be more proud as a Coach for what Ash has achieved. 

24 hour Enduro World Championships in Sydney


Elite mens 

6th - 127km


1st in age group 


51.5km increase

in 2 years

(30 obstacles per 11km)


Age group



Spartan Melbourne

Placing for his age group

1st (15th overall)  -Super

1st (8th overall) -Sprint


Spartan Bright

1st (11th overall) - Beast 21km

1st (5th overall) - Sprint 5km 


I have been training with Tara since September 2016 and haven’t looked back.

I went back to Tara after having baby no.3 

I started my journey again in April 2018 after I had put on 21kg during my pregnancy. 
My goal was to lose my baby weight, get healthier, fitter and stronger. And hopefully see some muscle 💪

I have learnt so much just by training with Tara 2 days a week. I’ve learnt to activate certain muscle groups before training and to stretch before and after training. I’ve also learnt the nutrition side of things and when losing weight the number on the scales is “just a number”.

I enjoy my training sessions with Tara. No week is ever the same. Tara makes it fun and enjoyable.

I chose to train with Tara after I had checked out her Facebook page and all her amazing clients transformations. 

Tara has the knowledge most personal trainers don’t. She gives and puts in 100% to make sure you achieve what you set out to achieve. I highly recommend Tara because I wouldn’t have got where I am today with out her by my side. 


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